The Collection of Microscopic Fungi of the Institute of Soil Biology BC CAS (CMF-ISB), is a nonprofit organization established in the Laboratory of Soil Biology, Institute of Landscape Ecology CSAS in 1980 by RNDr. Alena Nováková, Ph.D.

In 1990, the CMF-ISB was enriched by strains of ovicidal microfungi from the collection of Prof. MUDr. Hynek Lýsek, Dr.Sc. (Palacký University, Olomouc).

Since 1993, the CMF-ISB is a member of the Federation of Czech and Slovak Culture Collections of Microorganisms (FCCM).

The CMF-ISB became a member of the Biology Centre Collection of Organisms (BCCO) in 2015.

Currently, the CMF-ISB is hosted by the Laboratory of Mycology at the Institute of Soil Biology BC CAS.

The main function of the CMF-ISB is to collect, maintain and supply cultures of microscopic fungi, and to provide information on microscopic fungi by publishing a catalogue of strains. The cultures are used for basic and applied research, pharmaceutical and food industry, agriculture, medicine, education and general scientific interest.



Director of the Institue of Soil Biology BC CAS: RNDr. Karel Tajovský, CSc.

Head and Curator: Dr. Wesley de Melo Rangel, MSc. Ph.D.

(from December 2019 à till now)

Laboratory of Mycology and Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology



The CMF-ISB currently holds over 2,000 strains of filamentous fungi (Ascomycota, Zygomycota, and their related anamorphic stages) isolated mainly from soil and sediments from the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, USA, and Macedonia, and also from air, litter, caves (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, France), intestines and fecal pellets of soil invertebrates, and vermicomposts.



Currently, cultures isolated over the past 40 years have been maintained under -150 °C for long-term storage.



The research activities of the Laboratory of Mycology and Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology hosting the CMF-ISB are being established, however, focused principally on how light regulates a wide variety of fungal biological responses to environmental stress.

Selected keywords: Fungal Photobiology; Light perception by fungi; Circadian rhythms; Stress tolerance



Wesley de Melo Rangel, MSc. Ph.D.


+420 387 775 775 (office)



Biology Centre CAS

Insitute of Soil Biology

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