The Collection of Microscopic Fungi of the Institute of Soil Biology AS CR (CMF ISB, current head and curator Engy Ahmed, MSc. Ph.D.) was established in 1980 by Alena Nováková, Ph.D. The CMF ISB has been a member of FCCM (Federation of Czech and Slovak Culture Collections of Microorganisms) since 1993. The CMF ISB became a member of Biology Centre Collection of Organisms (BCCO) in 2015.

The CMF ISB holds about 2000 strains of filamentous fungi (Ascomycetes, Zygomycetes, and anamorphic stages of Asco- and Basidiomycetes) isolated mainly from soil and sediments of the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, USA, and Macedonia, then from air, litter, caves (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, France), intestines and excrements of soil invertebrates, and vermicomposts. 

The strains have been maintained in tubes on slope agar media in a refrigerator at ca 4oC. Some sporulating strains were transferred into alginate pellets for long-term maintenance. At present, the whole collection is transferred into distilled water stocks as well as perlite stocks maintained under -80°C for long-term storage. 

The main function of the CMF ISB is to collect, maintain and supply cultures of microscopic fungi important for basic and applied research, pharmaceutical and food industry, agriculture, medicine and teaching and to provide information on micromycetes in the collection by publishing a catalogue of strains.